Pension Plan

Marital Breakdown

Spouses of Plan Members have enforceable legal rights to a share in the benefits of the Plan. If you separate from your spouse, they are likely entitled to a share of your pension under provincial law. If your spouse or former spouse has rights under the Plan, those rights are not changed if you name another person as beneficiary, or if you remarry.

Pensions are a “family asset” under provincial law, and division of family assets is determined under applicable legislation.  Pension plans must follow provincial property laws as well as pension regulations when a Member or former spouse requests a division of pension benefits. Payments out of the Plan resulting from the division of pension assets on marriage breakdown will reduce your own benefits.

Please contact the Administrator if you require information or calculations related to division of pension assets. The Administrator will explain what information is required and provide the appropriate forms to you and/or your former spouse. The required information will typically include a copy of your separation agreement or divorce order.

Questions on completing the forms can be directed to the Administrator.

Completed forms should be forwarded to the Administrator.

You are responsible for any fees relating to calculation or administration costs associated with the division of your pension assets. The Administrator will provide you with an estimate of these costs.

For more information, please refer to the Marriage Breakdown section of the Pension Plan Booklet.

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